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Doug Russ, Founder & CEO

PLP Logistics was founded by a former Chief Financial Officer who knows a thing or two about the value of saving money and increasing margins.  Refreshing Isn’t It?

"Your business success is rarely about top line revenue. You win or lose on margin, and controlling those fixed costs that once bolted on can drag your profits down like a boat anchor. My message to the PLP Team is we will win only to the extent we understand this truth; and execute service, technology solutions and pricing to lean our customers' costs and increase their bottom line." — Doug Russ

Full Service Benefits

PLP customers who use our full-service option to manage their transportation program enjoy the following benefits with no additional fees!

Full Service Benefits

Why PLP?

We Use Data, Tech & Experience to Save You Money 

Modern Logistics + Industry Experience = Least Cost Routing and Reporting

The world of logistics is complex. Combining the right experience with today’s modern tools enables us to help you make costs saving decisions as you grow.


In fact, we believe technology and experience are so crucial to everything we do, we offer our clients complimentary access to our:


  • Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to enable us to make real-time routing and cost saving decisions alongside our customers.

  • Freight Dimensioner & Scale systems to ensure we weigh and measure your freight exactly and you only pay for the space you occupy on trucks and shipping containers.

  • Network of Negotiated Shipping Partners to ensure you leverage from our special transportation rates as a 3PL.


Shipping & Logistics. Ready to work with a transportation team that

gets it? 

PLP Logistics - Our Core Values

Faith - The foundation of our business is built on faith. We believe that everything is owned by God and therefore every task completed, decision made and dollar spent starts with the recognition that it all belongs to Him.

Service/Love - Love is a verb. It is what drives our service. We treat our employees, customers and vendors with dignity and respect and we empathize with their needs the same way we would a member of our own family.

Integrity – We do what we say we’re going to do. We make our service commitments clear and reliable. If we’re off the mark, it’s because we under-promise and over-deliver.

Collaboration - We productively co-labor with customers and vendors, leveraging experience in a variety of markets in order to identify and exploit best practices and to streamline operations and contribute to success for all parties.

Growth - We emphasize personal growth, professional growth and corporate growth…specifically in that order. We believe many other businesses have it backwards and the employees suffer as a result.

Agility and Energy - We continually challenge the status quo in our industry. We are nimble, able to adapt and adjust to complex challenges that arise in logistics. We are strategic advisors with impactful solutions – we combat confusion with certainty.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Always Included

We provide a centralized portal that allows all our clients to:

  • Identify the fastest and cheapest route based on real-time transportation volume.

  • View multiple carrier offerings and apply opportune shipping discounts dynamically.

  • Manage historical transportation data to support future negotiations with carriers.

Transportation Management System TMS
Dimensioners and Scale Systems

Dimensioners & Scale Systems that Allow You to Measure & Weigh Fast

When it comes to packages and cargo, shipping sizes is critical to being able to save money (and bill accurately). As a result, we offer all of our clients access to our dimensioner and scaling technology – enabling them to:

  • Exactly size shipments so that you are leveraging LTL and other more cost-effective shipping options to the max.

  • Capture correct shipping dimensions and weight in order to accurately bill and prevent losses due to reweighs. 

  • Quickly unlock shipping options dynamically based on transportation patterns.

Network of Carriers and Experienced Negotiators to Help You Save

Part of understanding the industry is having knowledge of cost markups, economies of scale, and dynamics that impact shipping cost at any given point in time. Given our experience, our team can help you: 


  • Develop a transportation plan that avoids additional fees and leverages off-peak shipping times.

  • Choose from different transportation solutions to ensure you stay lean.

  • Work through freight shipment claims and make sure you are paying for shipments delivered (and not damaged).

Network of Carriers
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