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LTL Services

LTL (Less Than Truckload)


How Can You Save on LTL Freight Carrier Costs?

LTL shipping is used for the transportation of freight that does not require the use of an entire trailer.  LTL is beneficial for companies that are shipping a variety of pallet quantities and products to multiple destinations. 

Maximizing LTL can be complex and relies heavily on the multiple freight/route characteristics. These include: 

  • Dimensions

  • NMFC Classification 

  • Weight

  • Freight Class

  • Lane (Route) 

  • Distance

  • Required Transit 

  • Time 

  • Delivery Requirements

  • And Many More

Only Pay for What You Need. Being able to maximize your LTL load gives you a tremendous advantage when negotiating rates with LTL carriers. PLP can not only help you find the best LTL carriers but can also negotiate the best data-driven pricing possible for your company. Our expert pricing team does this by leveraging proprietary data analytics to get you the lowest cost so you don’t have to.

LTL Shipping

How Does LTL Shipping Help Support Your Growing Business?

  • Preserving Margins. You only pay for the space you need for your shipment and share the cost of a truck with other companies.

  • Anytime Shipping Convenience. Allows you to send smaller shipments without having to wait to fill a truck.

  • Pick Up and Delivery Flexibility. Provides more delivery options such as liftgate services, residential pickup, or inside delivery.

  • Real-Time Tracking. Easier to track shipments to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Cost Savings. Better rates when working through LTL freight consolidators.

Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping Is Ideal For


With Many Small Loads

Only pay for the shipping space you need in order to maintain your margins.

Ecommerce and 
Fast Shipping

LTL is ideal for low volume and fast shipping needs across multiple locations.

Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Like carpooling, LTL shipments reduce their carbon footprint by sharing the road with other packages.

What We Include to Maximize Your LTL Cost Savings 

  • Transportation Management System Access to enable you to choose the best shipping routes and track packages real-time.

  • State-of-the-Art Dimensioner and Scale Systems that measures your shipment size exactly, so you are only paying for the space you need. 

  • Shipment Negotiator Services that leverage multiple cost saving strategies to help you select the best option for your business. 

  • Unlimited Customer Service and Shipping Calculators to help you understand different shipment options and the cost savings associated with them. 

LTL Cost Savings
LTL Cost Savings
Did You Know PLP customers who use our full-service transportation management program enjoy benefits with no additional fees?

From Small Manufacturer to Ecommerce Extraordinaire 

PLP Logistics has helped me reduce costs by more than 10% and make everything more efficient – giving our company room to produce more and grow!  


LTL Services

Ready to Deliver Efficiently and More Cost Effectively than your Competition?

Speak to one of our transportation experts and let’s make it happen.

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