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International & Drayage Freight Shipping


How Do I Know What Shipping Carriers Are Ideal for My International Freight Needs? 

When it comes to international shipping, it is critical to have shipping expertise as well as an understanding of the varying regulatory dynamics that can impact international costs in order to select the best carriers for your global shipments.

Our team can help ensure the carriers that you work with:

  • Have proper documentation to avoid costly delays with customs.

  • Understand the different cargo regulations that can impact shipments including product type, country of origins, etc.

  • Are familiar with specific markets, their ports and various intermodal transportation methods to ensure your shipment reaches its final destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

International Trade Ease. We know ongoing international shipping can seem daunting,  but we leverage our knowledge and relationships in the industry to help your business thrive in multiple markets.

How does efficient international and intermodal transportation help my business grow?

  • Avoid Custom/Port Delays.  Having organized paperwork and understanding of in country transportation details ensures smooth cross-border shipping and delivery. 

  • Double Digit Price Reductions. There is a lower cost (10-40% savings) due to lower handling charges, lower fuel costs, and an increased efficiency when utilizing rail to move shipments over land.

  • Faster Delivery. High-capacity lanes can handle heavy freight volume in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Environmentally Conscious. It is a sustainable, pollution-reducing option compared to truck-only transportation solutions with 75% less of a carbon footprint.

international and intermodal transportation

International and Intermodal Freight Shipping Solutions are Ideal For

Companies with Established International Customers

Businesses Recently Entering New Markets 



Offset New Country Tariffs
Did You Know carrier negotiations can cost you upwards of $5,000 with fee based 3PLs? PLP negotiates with the carrier on your behalf at no charge!

From Distributor to Exporter

I just wanted to give PLP a big thank you! You really helped us out on this shipment. My team and I made a bunch of calls yesterday, but we weren't getting much information. Because of PLP, I know the shipment will be delivered today. Thank you so much!


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What We Include to Streamline Your International & Intermodal Shipping Efforts:

  • Review of import/export strategies and trade regulations to ensure all country documentation and trade policies are calculated into your logistics plan.

  • Identification of shipping methods that mitigate risk and reduce cost to ensure you maintain your margins during every step of your product’s journey.

  • Pinpointing of partners that can assist depending on method of transportation or destination to ensure seamless shipping from A to B.

  • Help you be proactive about packaging to ensure there are no extra charges. 

International & Intermodal Shipping
Deliver Fast

Ready to Deliver Faster and More Cost Effectively than your Competition? 

Speak to one of our transportation experts and let’s make it happen. 

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