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Shipping Expertise
With Multiple Industries 
Means Better Logistics Knowledge and Savings

Changing B2B shipping needs are a constant for most businesses, and our experience across multiple industries allows us to navigate them and consistently save our clients money. 

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Does Logistics and Transportation Management Experience Across Multiple Industries Give You an Advantage?

Whether you're shipping Less than Truckload domestically for a retail company, full truckloads, international containers for a manufacturing company, or finding the most efficient way for an ecommerce company to ship small packages anywhere in the world, our experience across multiple industries helps us quickly understand and tailor solutions for your shipping needs. 

Our 3PL shipping services have been designed to offer the right mix of freight solutions and data analysis tools to help any type of company reduce freight shipping costs across the transportation spectrum. On your behalf, use our expertise to: 

  • Challenge carriers and negotiate rates to continuously improve profitability

  • Leverage real-time trucking costs to capture savings

Shipping Experience that Meets your Business Needs. Ready for a partner that is committed to your success? 

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Manufacturers and Distributors

The Right Transportation Strategy for Your Evolving Operation

Whether managing B2B wholesale freight shipping, coordinating direct-to-consumer online orders, or navigating changing international tariff/custom details, the mix of transportation services and negotiated carrier prices required to keep your manufacturing company lean can be overwhelming.


Expertise Pays. Our inhouse team has worked with manufacturers in industries ranging from fabricated metal parts and consumer electronics to chemical and retail.  Our team has the expertise to help you manage it all and lower costs. 

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Cost of carrier negotiations covered by PLP


Cost of freight bill audit and payment covered by PLP


Cost of EDI paid by PLP

Freight Shipping Expertise

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Ecommerce

Flexible Shipping Options and Powerful Tracking Technology to Aggressively Control Costs

Whether you’re focused on managing high volume online sales and fulfillment, or complying with cross border shipping details and deliveries, running an ecommerce operation that meets customer expectations can be a challenge.


Leverage Our Expertise. Our inhouse team can help you integrate shipping quotes so your customer can complete their order including shipping cost. If needed we also assist with landed cost calculations.

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Retailers

Freight shipping expertise, it’s all about the consignees.

The pressure to deliver goods and services at an even faster rate than yesterday, while still maintaining profitability, has made the need for logistics expertise and use of sophisticated transportation management systems a must for retail companies. 

Advanced Retail Delivery Made Easy.  Whether managing goods being moved by truck, air, or by sea, our team leverages the latest technology to identify the shortest transits and, when needed, offer expedited, guaranteed or dedicated options to meet the expectations of your customers.

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Retailers


Your Cost for Bills of Lading When Using PLP


Your Cost for Product Analysis When Using PLP


Your Cost for Claims Resolution Filing When Using PLP

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Chemical Companies

Freight Shipping Expertise – For Chemical Companies

Cutting-Edge Shipping Strategies that  Navigate Growing Regulations & Costs

The challenges of shipping chemical and paint products have multiplied exponentially over recent years. Handling, packaging and compliance issues are complicated and costly. PLP has solid experience in this space and can source cost-effective shipping solutions from competent carriers that reduce your risk.

Freight Billing Audit

Did you know...

Did you know that fee based 3PLs charge transaction fees for freight quotes? With PLP, freight quotes are free!


“Of all the RFPs we evaluate and process each day, PLP provides the most in-depth information and data and I wished all other 3PL's I deal with would use the same process that PLP uses.”

Sr. Pricing Analyst


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