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Shipping Case Studies 
Cost Savings & Peace of Mind We Deliver 

Transportation management is not just about logistics – its about making sure you have the systems, data and controls in place to grow responsibly.

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Line Haul Shipping

What 3PL, TL, and LTL Transportation Procurement Strategies Are Best at Lowering Shipping Rates?  

Getting the best truckload or overall line haul shipping rates requires activating the right blend of transportation methods, freight carriers and transit data to ensure you are getting the best value every time. That’s why we:


  • Negotiate every shipping estimate on your behalf. 

  • Offer LTL audits and other transportation shipping and freight cargo billing reviews.

  • Include Transportation Management System (TMS) tools that give you on demand pricing visibility as part of our services. 

  • Provide intermodal freight shipping options to support domestic and international supply chains.


Need Proof? Read about some of our freight shipping success stories.

LTL for Manufacturing Case Study

Description:  Industrial Pump Manufacturer 
Footprint: Global 
Objective: Reduce LTL costs by 10% and address ongoing shipment damage issue.

Solution and Process: 

  • Implemented Proprietary Request for Pricing Process

  • Evaluated multiple LTL trucking companies with damage prevention solutions.

  • Implemented quality control measures for carrier procurement and evaluation.


  • Negotiated 13% savings on LTL shipping.

  • Virtually eliminated shipment damage issues.

  • Applied dynamic pricing model that generated savings on volume shipments and truckloads.

LTL for Manufacturing
LTL for Distributor

LTL for Distributor Case Study

Description: Wholesale sink manufacturers  

Footprint: North America

Objective: Streamline shipping operations and procure carriers to execute time-sensitive pickups and deliveries.


Solution and Process:

  • Implemented Proprietary Request for Pricing Process.

  • Rationalized number of logistics vendors based on best negotiated pricing and quality.

  • Ran multiple pricing scenarios to identify optimal LTL freight.



  • Reduced shipment execution and process time by 50% and removed unnecessary vendors.

Earned primary logistics provider status.

Shipment Process Capability Case Study

Description:  Industrial Battery Manufacturer
Footprint: Global 
Objective: Provide ability to get real-time freight quotes while placing orders.

Solution and Process: 

  • Integrated E-Commerce platform with Transportation Management System

  • Connected customer’s platform to PLP’s Rating & Quoting, Create Shipment, and Track & Trace functionality


  • Achieved goal of providing customer ability to process real-time orders and book shipments via their E-Commerce platform.

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Did you know that PLP provides Freight Audit Bill Pay and Claims Resolution Filing at no charge? Fee based 3PLs charge transaction fees for these time-saving services.


“Of all the RFPs we evaluate and process each day, PLP provides the most in-depth information and data. I wished all other 3PL's I deal with would use the same process that PLP uses.”

Sr. Pricing Analyst


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