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Carrier Negotiations (RFP Process) 


How Do I Get the Best Freight Rate Via a RFP?

There are many components that affect the rate you would pay for shipping your product. The main ones to know include:


  • Knowing your product – The characteristics of the product you’re shipping is the biggest factor. If it is bulky or prone to damage, it will be more expensive to ship.

  • How often you plan to ship – There will be a significant price difference if you ship once a week versus every day.

  • Determining a shipping schedule – If there is flexibility in the days you ship, the carrier may have some room to provide a discount.

  • How much volume you will be shipping – the more volume you ship the better rate you will get.

  • Where you are shipping – high volume destinations will inherently be cheaper.

  • What class rating you ship – Hazardous materials, for example, will be more expensive due to handling and certification requirements.


PLP sets itself apart from other 3PLs with its proven RFP process. We will combine the right information about your product with the carrier’s capabilities so that you receive RFPs in a position of strength. The PLP RFP process will narrow down your choices to the best options suited for your business.

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What are the Advantages of Creating an RFP for a Freight Carrier?

  • Stable Rate. Contract rates are fixed compared to Spot Freight Rates (which can change hour to hour).

  • Forecasting. Knowing how much it will cost for you to ship allows you to better forecast your costs and revenues.

  • Consistent Process. Dealing with the same carrier establishes a relationship that lets you know how and who to contact the right resources for your needs.

  • KPI Definition. From establishing SLAs to penalties for missing performance metrics, this sets expectations for both you and the carrier you choose.

RFP for Freight Carrier Is Needed For

Setting Expectations

Negotiating an SLA will level-set expectations from both sides.

Maximizing Cost Savings

Let the carriers fight for the opportunity to ship for your business every time.

Customer Satisfaction

Being able to have reliable shipment cost and delivery expectations will help grow customer base.

What Do We Do to Get You The Best RFPs?

  • Data-Driven Excellence – Our team is dedicated to finding the absolute best carrier at the best price for your shipment needs.

  • Freight Carrier Network Strength – We leverage our national and regional accounts with over 25 top-tier carriers to represent your best interests.

  • Wide Industry Experience – We have refined our RFP process to a science by honing our negotiation and data sourcing skills for the benefit of our clients.

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Freight Billing Audit
Did You Know total revenue derived from primary freight shipments in the U.S. will increase from an estimated $1.083 trillion in 2021 to $1.627 trillion in 2032.

Let me tell you that PLP provided the best customer service, communication of any freight carrier I've used over the years.

Nice work!!


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Ready for the Savings We Can Get You With Our RFP Process? 

Speak to one of our transportation experts and let’s make it happen. 

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