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FTL (Full Truckload)


When Does It Make Sense to Ship Full Truckload?

FTL (Full Truckload) shipping is used for the transportation of larger quantities of freight with one dedicated shipment destination. There are many substantial benefits when shipping FTL: 

  • Shipments that are large enough to fill or nearly fill an entire shipping container are significantly cheaper than an equivalent quantity of LTL shipments.

  • Handling units in a full truckload have less size and weight restrictions.

  • FTL shipments have faster transit times since there are no other pickups or drop-offs along the way.

  • FTL transport means less handling, which decreases the chances that the shipment will get lost or damaged.

Full Truckload rates are determined by demand (spot quotes) or can be negotiated as contract rates for higher quantities. When compared to Less Than Truckload (which has many variables and are mandated by NMFTA), determining the right time to use FTL over LTL can make a big bottom-line impact.

Faster by Full Truckload. PLP will help you find the right FTL carriers with the best prices and quality based on the requirements of your products and distribution network.  PLP's goal is to make sure you are getting the utmost value out of your shipment dollars.

Full Truckload Shipping Support

How Can a Full Truckload Shipping Support Your Growing Business?

  • Negotiation Advantages. The shipper has more bargaining power and rates that can be negotiated.

  • Reduced Damage & Claims Risks. There is a lower risk of damage or loss since there are fewer handling opportunities.

  • Higher Margins.  A full truck is less costly, especially when shipping to a high-volume destination.

  • Faster Delivery. Destination will be reached faster since there are no other stops to make for other deliveries.

  • Flexibility. Ideal for shipments that are high volume, high weight, and/or require specialized equipment for transport.

FTL Shipping Is Ideal For

Consistent Large Shipping Loads

Receive ongoing and consistent pick up and delivery service to ensure predictable shipping.

Faster Shipping Requirements

Leverage uninterrupted shipping routes to get products to destinations faster.

Stronger Negotiation Power

Take advantage of consistency and volume to broaden margins and save overall.

What We Include to Maximize Your FTL Cost Savings? 

  • Maintain a Large Base of Quality Carriers – we establish and maintain relationships with a large pool of carriers that can offer the best price at any given moment.

  • Leverage Data – we use real-time and historical data to pre-negotiate terms ahead of time.

  • Pre-Planning – we combine your shipping schedules with our industry experience to ensure we have the equipment and technology needed to expedite every step of the trucking process. 

Deliver Fast
Did You Know Negotiated Ground FTL Shipments Can Offset Rising Costs of Air Cargo? 

From Distributor to Exporter

We greatly appreciate the competitive pricing and daily updates from PLP on dedicated loads. It is great that we do not have to chase down info or worry whether our product got delivered.



Ready for the Flexibility that FTL Can Offer Your Growing Company?

Speak to one of our transportation experts and let’s make it happen.

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