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Dimensioner Technology

Premier Logistics Partners is offering an affordable dimensioning solution, as a part of our LTL program, so shippers can save time and reduce billing exceptions. Learn more about PLPs introductory pricing and how shippers have generated positive ROI in as little as 3 Months!

FS Image Station

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Easy, Automated Freight Documentation

The FS IMAGE STATION lets you capture photos and other key information about your freight in seconds, and can be integrated with your warehouse management systems to help you build a seamless documentation process that helps your business save time and money. 

LTL Savings to Freight Shippers with PLP 

PLP Logistics is an award-winning 3PL that specializes in creating trusted and cost-effective transportation solutions for B2B companies. To support the shipping and low-cost needs of our customers, PLP is partnering with FreightSnap to offer a new, affordable dimensioning technology fully integrated with 3PL systems.


This partnership is designed to help freight shippers who are: 

  • Spending too much time weighing and measuring freight – when deadlines are getting tighter and tighter.

  • Navigating Rising Shipping Costs  – and being overcharged for accessorials.

  • Working through too many damage claims due to packages not being loaded correctly. 

Cutting Costs and Increasing Accuracy

Companies: Cabinetry Distributors and Similar Businesses
Objectives: Streamline LTL transportation costs and enhance quote accuracy to reduce costly invoicing exceptions.

Solutions and Processes:

Implement our Integrated Dimensioner-Scale Solution within
PLP's comprehensive LTL service. Utilize the FreightSnap XL5000 Dimensioner and Double Triner floor Scale, fully integrated with PLP's transportation software.

Average Results​:

  • 95% reduction in time spent measuring and weighing shipments, going from 6 minutes down to 10 seconds.

  • 52% reduction in billing exceptions.

  • 75% improved carrier bill disputes.

  • Photos captured for each pallet of tendered freight, aiding in lost shipment or damage claims.

  • Detailed freight data captured to aid carrier pricing negotiations.

Case Studies

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“With a few taps, we have what we need. This is a great investment for those who ship large volumes every day.”

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