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Freight Claims Processing

Freight Claim Process

​Freight Claim Process

What Can You Do To Get The Most From Your Freight Claims?

Shipment Freight Claims are a constant presence in logistics. They can be costly and take a lot of time to resolve. However, there are actions as a shipper that you can do to help get the most from your shipment claims:

  • Inspect Shipment and Note Any Damage –This needs to be done upon receipt. If there are any damaged or missing items, it needs to be noted on the Bill of Lading or Delivery Receipt.

  • Take Pictures and Collect all Documents – This is critical information to back up your claim. All relevant identifying labels should be documented.

  • Do Not Refuse Shipment – You cannot file a claim without a delivery notice. The contract you agree to will determine how to handle the damaged product.

  • Do Not Move the Damaged Shipment – This will take away the possibility that the damage occurred after receipt.

Maximize Your Recovery. Processing shipping claims can be a difficult and time-consuming experience that takes away from growing your business. PLP has a team of experts who are ready to get your business the most from damage or missing item claims.

Freight Claims Processing

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Freight Claims Processing?

  • Centralization of Freight Claims Processing. Having one point of contact for freight bill issues allows for greater visibility and efficiency in the process.

  • Higher Profits. Getting you the money that is owed to your company only adds to your bottom line.

  • Time and Resource Savings. No need for company resources to spend time chasing down errors with the carrier or following up on payment promises.

Freight Claims Are Needed For

Setting Expectations

Negotiating an SLA will level-set expectations from both sides.

Maximizing Cost Savings

Let the carriers fight for your business!

Customer Satisfaction

Being able to have reliable shipment cost and delivery expectations will help grow customer base.

What Do We Do to Get You The Most Out of Freight Claims Processing? 
  • Technology Driven Excellence – We use the latest technologies, to help capture all the necessary data needed to successfully resolve shipment claims.

  • Dedicated Expertise – We have seen it all and know how to handle a wide variety of shipment claims to our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Motivated For Your Success – We don’t get paid unless your shipment claim issue is resolved. That gives us skin in the game to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction.

Freight Billing Audit
Did You Know That an Average of 55.2 Million Tons of Freight Worth More Than $54.0 Billion is Transported Daily Across the U.S.A.?

Thank you for being there for us and for always attending to our needs and concerns.


RFP Process
Ready for the Savings We Can Get You With Our RFP Process?

Speak to one of our transportation experts and let’s make it happen. 

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