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Benefits of Shipping With a Proprietary Pricing Model

PLP Logistics calculating customer-specific shipping costs.

Pre-Negotiated Shipping Rates Save You Time

Carrier rate shopping consumes more resources than you think. No matter the distance, volume, or mode of your shipment, many manufacturers and shippers spend unnecessary time and money identifying carriers that fit their unique needs. At PLP Logisitics, we believe in saving time and money. That's why we use a pre-negotiated and customer-specific proprietary pricing model for our customer's shipping needs.

Rate shopping is a tiresome process of negotiating lower prices with multiple carriers. This means hours on the phone, only to find a solution for a single shipment. Pre-negotiated rates are straightforward, so you know exactly what you’re paying from the start and can eliminate the back and forth with carriers or brokers.

Avoid Blanket Fees

Black and white pricing structures can seem convenient, but they don’t address the changing nature of each shipment. Each shipment has different volume, distance, or mode requirements that should be factored in when determining carrier prices. With PLP Logistics' LTL-specific pricing model, you can save upwards of 90% on blanket pricing shipments.

Lower Expenses While Increasing Productivity

When you're managing loads, quality of service and revenue generation should be at top of your mind. However, rate shopping and negotiating with carriers can be a huge hassle that is distracting and takes away from productivity.

We're Here to Help

Pre-negotiated rates cut down time spent on each shipment, and by eliminating rate shopping, you can increase shipment volume without increasing headcount.

Sifting through thousands of carriers is not the best use of your time. From rate shopping to price negotiations, your time is precious and should be focused on more important aspects of your business.

PLP Logistics can lighten the load- literally. Put more time back into your day and streamline time-consuming tasks like rate shopping with our proprietary pricing model. Contact us today to get started.


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